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August 9th, 2016

It’s no secret that quiet and shy girls have more of that kinkiness inside them than most of the openly liberated bitches out there. Bonnie Wright is no exception when it comes to this fact and it’s not just Danielle Radcliffe’s character, Harry Potter, who has unleashed Ginny Weasley’s inner bitch the moment they finally wed each other in the film Harry Potter. They had kids in the movie and it was a wild and fun process, Wright says with a giggle. This isn’t far too real from what Wright has been doing when it comes to her private life. In fact, she’s so much of the promiscuous chick that she is having a hard time doing roles with a tame character to it, saying it feels like she’s not her own person at all. Proving this point is one of her viral leaked homemade videos where she’s all kinky and horny while flashing those perky breasts and eventually going naked to play with her pussy using her toy. Not the kind of Bonnie Wright you used to have in your mind, eh? It only gets better.

She’s been doing these clips for as long as she can remember, she admits in one men’s magazine’s interview not long ago. She says that she already “knows a lot” even before playing the part of that conservative Weasley sister that’s why it gets a bit awkward whenever she gets teased with a co-star, which makes her feel a bit guilty too about having to pretend that she didn’t know what a dildo is. When she’s surrounded by the boys, all they talk about are girls and all things naughty of course, that’s why Wright simply boxed her wild side in her videos and let loose with her fresh and hot masturbation skills. Seeing her open those legs wide and fuck her wet shaven cunt, you’d wonder how much of a struggle it has been for her as a young actress when she’s feeling all horny and wanted to go down on her co-star’s but has to keep poised and pretty all the time. Now she’s got all the freedom to simply be that naughty chick she’s always been and you’re all free too to watch and enjoy this sweet revelation.

Feisty chick Bonnie Wright enjoying pussy-play on the webcam

Bonnie Wright enjoying hot threesome

April 5th, 2016

We are not referring to Ginny Weasley getting sleazy with a Hogwarts professor and Harry Potter. This video is purely Bonnie Wright in her real magical world of homemade porn. No binding spells needed, Bonnie has the charm to lure more than one person in bed to go wild with. Sharing a cock with her girlfriend and enjoying an afternoon fuck fest is her way of loosening up after a stressful day on set. These redheads sure know how to have fun, sucking and banging deep. Bonnie can’t help but play with her cunt as she watches her pals fuck hard beside her.

Bonnie Wright in hot threesome!

Girl Gone Wild!

July 6th, 2010

wild bonnie wright drinking

She may play the goody-two-shoes, pleasant girl  in her movies, but English film actress Bonnie Wright is not really like that in real life.  She’s really living it up in the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll department! Here are some photos of her consuming large amounts of alcohol and partying hard with her friends. Hey Bonnie, is that a joint of marijuana you are rolling for yourself?

wild bonnie wright rolling joint

Bonnie Wright  plays the role of Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasly’s “muggle” sister in the Harry Potter film series. She also had starring roles in television movies Stranded in and Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures. She could be seen next as Daniel Radcliffe’s love interest in Harry Potter and the Deathly Gallows, the last two movies in the Harry Potter franchise.

wild bonnie wright smoking

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